8 Remote Work Tools to Make Work From Home a Breeze

As the world faces the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work tools are proving one of the efficient and effective ways to offset the pandemic economic impacts.

Remote work tools help the businesses to stay productive without the employees risking infection from Covid-19. This is probably why most of the companies are moving towards the remote work culture.

Here’s a comprehensive list to keep you equipped, productive, and safe during this Covid-19 critical period.

No brainers – Zoom has been probably the most popular Remote Work Tools that the world has used at the time for social distancing, remote working, and remote learning. Working or not, everyone has attended at least one zoom call at the time of the first half of this year. For the organizations, Zoom is one of the best ways to host virtual meetings, engage, helping employees connect, discuss, and face to face.

The Zoom meetings can be attended with the help of a phone app or computer and are even secured with the help of a unique meeting ID and password. The enterprise version of zoom does not have a cut off time for the meetings and also provides with the brand new Zoom Virtual backgrounds to make backgrounds pretty look much more good and pretty in the meetings to add a wide range of color or even to an otherwise part of mundane, makeshift ‘home office;.’

Yammer is a widely used enterprise networking tool. It gives you a platform to communicate and collaborate privately with your colleagues.

What is interesting about this tool, instead of using their email accounts, employees can be added by their corporate emails. You can also safely collaborate with partners and customers with the help of a Yammer’s External Groups.

Slack is an incredibly popular communication and Remote Work tool that combines text, video, and audio chat features into one convertible feature.

In Slack, communications can be organized into channels based on the team members, projects, or anything else that is pertinent to your organization and team members can leave or join said channels at any point of time – unlike lengthy and big email chains.

Slack also has a part of a searchable history feature that allows users to easily find the past chats and shared information in a less period of time. With respect to the shared information, this communication app will even let you share documents like the images, videos, and PDFs.

Slack is also one of the most powerful and best communication tool and worthy of the constant praise it gets.

Asana is another popular project management app and great Remote Work Tools. It is not as simple to use, but it does have ore number of features that remote workers may appreciate.

Asana also provides its users with multiple ways to view projects. There is the “Board” view, which is essentially the same things as Trello. But there is also the “List” view, which even lists out each and every task to be completed for a specific task or project, the “Timeline” view, which helps to illustrate the relationship between the tasks and the view of the “Calendar” pane, which shows tasks or part overlaid onto a traditional calendar view itself.

One Asana feature that most of the people love is its project templates. Moreover, Asana has mapped out some of the standard workflows for the purpose of IT, HR, Marketing, design, and some other departments. All users have to do is get the user information for their own projects and follow the predetermined process.

Web Developers will love the GitHub because it is designed to build software with the remote teams. The platform even allows the teams to virtual participate in code review and the management of both open source and private projects.

The GitHub Marketplace offers coders a wide range of tools that can help them to do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, regardless of where they log in.

If you are new to the remote working, there is a chance your company has not yet transferred to paperless. It is a cloud-based file management tool, or you can say it is a place that allows your colleague or team to access and create files over the server or online.

Google Drive even allows your team to simply create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, forms, and much more.

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iDoneThis is a Remote Work Tools or software where managers can easily keep an eye on the big part of the picture to know what is being done on a day to day basis. The members will have to just check in daily, in their browsers, or via email. They can even add their robust reports and get along the project effectively. With the remote workers across the globe, this tool compensates the need for daily check-in meetings.

Jira is a project management and Remote Work tool that is being used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management in one place. It is an issue tracking platform used by the development and technical support teams to get more work done and faster.

Why it is good for working remotely:

It makes the communication process easier: When a project manager assigned a ticket to a team member in the Jira tool, that person will be told via email. As the user works on the assigned task, they can add comments and mark their progress.

It simply gives access to lots out of the box reports with real-time support, actionable insights into how the team is working and performing sprint over sprint. In this, there is no need for face to face reporting.

Wrapping up

That is it! We have to go through most useful productivity tools, which will make your work more efficient to reach both the personal and business goals at the time of Covid-19.

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