Dissecting a viral content

Everybody likes to get as many likes and shares on social media but it causes a little disappointed when they get a very few. This is the story many writing aspirants face.
I have analysed quite a few contents and have reached to the conclusion that there is science working behind making the content contagious. I am jotting down the main elements which make a content viral:

1. Surprise- Nobody likes boring things and it’s very human to love surprises. The surprise factor triggers an emotion in the human mind.

People love to see general things starting or ending up with a surprise where people are awestruck

Ex- The Coca-Cola Hugging machine ad went viral as it was based on triggering human emotion

2. Simple: Keep things simple. Don’t use complex words to try to stuff too much content. The attention span of the audience is less in this fast-moving era. So, narrow down the content and put the best and simple points

3. Trust: Adding trust factor in content is an essential step. You can back up the content with social proof, numbers and research data.

4. Concrete: It is always important to show more and talk less. The human mind remembers things which are visual.

5. Emotional stories: Always try to write which can touch the emotional chord of your audience. You must have witnessed that Facebook shows you things which you love the most. For example, if you love cars and you share cars pic on your feed. The Facebook algorithm understands what triggers your emotions.
It starts showing you Cars everywhere In images, On videos, In ads etc.

These are the recipe for making a perfect viral content.

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