FREE Work Experience Letter format and templates


What is an experience certificate?

It is a certificate issued by the company in which a person has given his services for a particular time period.  The experience letter certifies that the person has worked for a particular period and also about the knowledge he has acquired while serving for the company.


It offers legitimacy to the claim of the job applicant that he authentically holds experience with the company which he has mentioned in the curriculum vitae. It is one of the most important document at the time of the recruitment.

Why an experience letter is needed?

It is a letter written on the official letterhead of the company and is given by the co-founders of the company to their employee at the time of relieving an employee.

Format of Appointment Letter

  • It certifies that he has worked in the organization and has adhered to all the terms/conditions/duties assigned to him during his working tenure with the company
  • The following pointers should be there inside the appointment letter
  • Must be on Company’s Letterhead  
  • Date of issue of the certificate
  • Salutation or Declaration “To Whomsoever It May Concern”
  • Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record.
  • Period of Employment  (Date of Joining and the last day of working in the   organization)
  • Designation or position
  • Description & Performance
  • Best Wishes  at the end
  • Signed by the Director / HOD / Manager / HR Department Head / Authorized Signatory
  • Should have the Company’s Seal or Stamp

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