Invitation Letter for Chief Guest | Its Format & Samples

Invitation Letter is a type of formal letter written for an inviting person or a group of people to particularly ceremony or event. The occasion can be official or even personal. These letters are generally written by a host of the event.

The host or organizer is responsible for making all the arrangements and ending up the event properly without any problem and deviation. An invitation letter consists of all the necessary information about the event. It mentions the date, venue, and time of the event.

Moreover, in every college, some special events are organized each and every year. In these events, some major and respected persons from their work field are reached and invited as a speaker or chief guest for the event. At the time of writing an invitation letter to a dignified person you must watch your words and tone of the letter content. The letter must be well written without any errors in a prescribed format. You must even approach the person with a humble request and delivers the message of thankfulness for considering the letter even if the reply is negative.

Quick Tips To Remember

Here are some of the few quick tips which must be taken into consideration while writing an invitation letter:

  • Mention the date and time of the event.
  • Keep the letter simple and short.
  • The letter should be written with the respecting and a humble tone.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • The letter should be precise and specific
  • The Invitation Letter should have a requesting tone.
  • Mention the reason for which the event is organized.

Letter format to invite a chief guest for college annual day function

Sample 2: Grievance Letter to Employer

Your Name
Your College Address

The Name of the Chief Guest Designation of Chief Guest Address of the Chief Guest Dear Sir, I am from ____[Your College Name here]. I am a principal representative of our college events. Our college is going to conduct its annual day on _____[Write the date of function or event here]. In this connection, we cordially invite you to our 23rd annual day and make it a special day for our college students or staff or management. We would be most honored if you can be our college day’s chief guest and deliver your keynote address to the gatherings. We look forward to hearing your positive confirmation of our college day invitation. You can find the invitation card attached along with this Invitation Letter. Thanking you! Yours Sincerely Signature Your Name Date: 13th September 2020 Place: _____________

New School Inauguration Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Mr. Danial

Education Minister

Subject: Invitation as a chief guest of the inauguration of new school

Dear Sir,

It is to humbly invite you as our esteemed chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of MPS Academy on 1st September, at 10:00 am. We mainly started from a coaching academy to facilitate the students, after continuously delivering successful results that we expanded our services at four different areas in the city. Assessing all the outgrowing needs for the purpose of education, we decided on setting up a proper school for students where they will be provided with high-quality education standards and learn in a competitive and challenging environment.

Your highly graceful presence at the inaugural ceremony as the education minister will be a source of inspiration for the youth. Kindly accept our invitation.

Looking forward to your kind response!


Avi Agarwal

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration

Minahil Qasim

Director FT Group

Model Town,


Subject: Invitation as Chief Guest for Inauguration

Dear Minan,

We gratefully appreciate your regular support to AC Foundation from the past so many years. AC Foundation, a project of SemiOffice Corp, came into existence of 2000, Bangalore. It has now successfully blossomed into state of the art AC Foundation for Education, serving more than 1000 children with intellectual impairment, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and visual impairment. It is now the largest purpose-built institute of its kind in Bangalore, serving the most neglected segment of the community. We are providing education, rehabilitation, vocational training, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy, and speech therapy of international standards through our two campuses located in Defence & Model Town.

Opening of Training Program

To serve a larger number of special children, we are promoting the concept of inclusive education in Bangalore. As the first step to achieve this goal, we started training of regular school teachers in “Inclusive Education” with assistance from Bangalore.

Now we are starting similar training with the assistance of the Bindara Foundation. It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you as Chief Guest for Opening/Inauguration or Closing of Ceremony of Inclusive Training Program at Town Hall. Your presence will be a source of encouragement for participants as well as team members of the AC Foundation.

Looking for your favorable response

Yours Faithfully,

Gaurav Agarwal

Event Manager

AC Foundation

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