Social Media Strategies during Covid-19

Observe things

Acknowledge the current events and use that to create ads that don’t feel intrusive or feeling bloated. Check carefully the ad copy to ensure that there is no room for error. Becoming aware and reverent is something that you can do today. You don’t have to be always advertising about your brand

Provide value & be generous
Provide value to customers. Share knowledge, supplies, time and donate money as well if your budget approves. People remember about brands who help in tougher times

Master the WFH target audience

Understand the pulse of your audience. What they require and what is going inside their heads in the current situation. Connect with them to understand them better

Adjust your SM post creatives & ad copy

I found a shoe business, normally focused to being out-and-about on the planet, that merely adjusted their imaginative and wording to produce their advertising relevant. They took images of somebody wearing the boots onto a sofa and shifted their copy “For out in the world or sitting in your sofa.” It is the best performing ad they have had in the last month.

Measure the key metrics for brand performance

Traditionally in digital marketing, individuals are measuring what is easiest to quantify. But when you’re only focused on trying to obtain a click., in the conclusion of the day, people probably aren’t thinking about you in times such as this.
Apple just advertises Apple. Nike just advertises performance & sports. You have to have patience. It can take six months or more, but when they’re ready to buy again, you’ve done enough brand marketing that they’ll remember you and keep coming back. 

The takesway is stay calm and positive as this too shall pass. We will soon see good times again.

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