What is a Character Certificate? Its format, types, and templates

A character certificate is a certificate issued to you by a government authority or by your previous institution based on your records. It acts as a background check of the person or individual, if they have any criminal proceedings against their name or not or if an individual has any bad record in the previous institution.

Uses of Character Certificate

Character Certificate is used for various purposes, including admissions in jobs, universities, etc., one should have a clear background to get a job and admission in foreign universities.

There are several other uses of the certificate listed below:

  • As an organization or a working firm, one needs to know about their employees, and if they have any previous criminal record or not, this can be cleared by the certificate given by either the previous organization or the government authority.
  • In the scholastic field, a character authentication is given by your past school show that the individual had perfect behaviour at the time of their conduction in that flowing institution. This helps the organization or an enterprise to get a clear certificate of the individual and their background.
  • Also, in the field of business, a declaration shows that you have shown splendid direct and execution in the midst of the working time.
  • This character certificate is a good way of getting the documents to check by the police personnel, which helps the authorities to be sure of the aspirant and thus works impressively for them.
  • A police character certificate application may be needed if you want to apply for a scholarship.

Character Certificate Application Types

Following are a few character certification application templates which can be used for various purposes:

  • Police Certificate
  • Certificate for Students
  • Certificate for Job/ Certificate for Employee
  • Character Certificate commonly used in India

Character Certificate Format

Like all the other official documents, a certificate also needs to be written in a defined format. It should be free from any typing or spelling errors. A certificate must include the following things:

  • The full name of the applicant
  • His or her address
  • A declaration by the attester or issuer about the good character of the applicant and the duration of time he is known to the attester.
  • Date of the attesting or issue
  • Duly sign and stamp of the attesting authority.

Character Certificate Application

One has to request the head of the organization to issue a certificate. To do so, an application must be written and submitted to the authorized personnel. The following things must be mentioned in the application:

  • Reason for leaving the current organization
  • State the purpose of the certificate.

Character Certificate Templates

Police Character Certificate Format

From: (Your name)



 The Principal Secretary,

 Government of Karnataka,

 Home Department,

 Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Subject: Request to issue Police Clearance Certificate

I, (NAME) of (PLACE of ORIGIN), National Holding Passport No.(___), would like to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate. I require a police clearance certificate for the purpose of (STATE REASON). I am currently residing in (PLACE OF CURRENT RESIDENCE). I have enclosed all the prescribed documents. I kindly request you to issue my Police Clearance Certificate as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,


Sample Character Certificate application for Job


Character Certificate

To whomsoever concerned,

We want to assure that (name of the individual) is a person with an excellent moral character. The individual has served with us from (Start Date) to (End Date) holding the position of (Position Held). The conduct and behavior of this person were found to be satisfactory for the duration of work with us. Moreover, there are no penalties or cases pending against the individual that can render them unsuitable for employment.

This character certificate was issued in relation to Her/His application to the (Enter Name of Institution).

Certified on (Date:Month: Year)

Head of Department

(Name of Department)


Sample Character Certificate application for Students

Head of Department/ Issuing Authority

Institution Name

Character Certificate

This is to certify that (NAME of the STUDENT), S/o / D/o (NAME of the STUDENT’S PARENT) has studied in this institution from (Start Year) to (End Year). The student bears good morale and exhibited good behavior for the duration of their courses. The student has neither displayed any violence or anti-social behavior towards others.

Signature and/or signature of the Issuing Authority


Character Certificate (General)

It is certified that ____________________, resident of ____________________ is very familiar to me for the past few years. I believe that this person has an excellent character and has not partaken in any criminal activities nor have cases pending against them as far as I know.




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