What is an Appraisal Letter and Tips to Writing a Performance Appraisal Letter

An appraisal letter is a formal method of evaluating or assessing one performance: strengths and weaknesses on the basis of tasks performed. Appraisal letter is most of the time used in describing employee job performance and usually involves meetings where the employee is allowed to provide feedback and discuss how to improve the overall performance while learning about new expectations and job requirements.

While writing an appraisal latter is a task for the Human Resource Department, the use of sample appraisal letters or appraisal letter templates is very much efficient considering how frequently an organization conducts employee performance appraisal.

Most of the offices prefer setting up web-based appraisal email templates or sample appraisal letters to skip the process of producing an entirely new appraisal letter for each employee.

Apart from that some firms are throwing their coins at AI-driven employee performance – basically to automate data input in sample appraisal letters or appraisal letter templates not just for efficiency, but to achieve unbiased appraisal and to disengage employee victimization.

Simple Tips to Writing a Performance Appraisal Letter

Start with the positives

The best way to start a review of your employee is to offer some of the genuine praise for them and their work, as well as their accomplishments in the previous or that year. With the limited exceptions, every employee has some positive sides, and commentary, something nice can be said about them.

Even if that person is poor in performance, they should have something worth mentioning in the positive area. Details can help you to tell your employees that their efforts were not noticed. Just saying that someone did well in the previous period does not make your employee feel valued or seen for what they do for the company, and it does not help in the future.

See what goals they achieved

The other part of your evaluation should focus on how your employee succeeded in achieving some goal that was set. There should be an evaluation of each goal, and measurements in short sentences, nothing too long or overbearing. It is essential to write down their notable achievements and share the rest when you get the chance to have a conversation with them in person. Make sure that you focus on goals that have been the most impactful for the company.

See what goals were not met

When you have written down their success, you should move on to their negatives and goals, which were not met properly. Make sure that you are fair and appropriate when creating this part. If something that was missed was acceptable because of circumstances, be mild, and don’t focus much on that.

Identify what is constructive feedback.

At the end of the performance review, you should spend some time writing down your constructive criticism. You should use examples of how the employee could change, what they could fix and improve on. Constructive feedback should be specific, not just general. It should show them how they can fix their performance and get better in the future.

Remember that opportunities for improvement are not just about the way to fix mistakes but rather about ways to maximize productivity and future performance. Maybe how they can do more of what they do well. Make sure that everything is performance specific, and that is not tied to any circumstances that limited the employee.

Outline what is expected of them in the future

This is the framework of expectations you may have for your employees in the future. While this part is even supposed to be short and most of it should be said in person. It is not intended to serve the purpose of formal development for the upcoming year but more as a way to show them what they can do. It is a launching point for the conversation they can have with employees about their growth and your expectations. Finally, your comments should have an optimistic tone overall and end on a positive note.

You can list various points here in short so that they know what to expect before they speak to you and so that they can prepare for that. Offering them something attainable and useful. Don’t set high expectations if your employee was a poor performer in the past as well. The right measurement for this is to always set expectations that are attainable but just slightly out of the employee reach. So, they do have to put in the effort and work hard for it, but it is not something that seems too far away and unattainable for them. Always personalize this area to make it as close to the employee as you can. Make sure that you understand your employee before you do this and possibly even consult last year letter when you create a new one.

Sample Appraisal Letter Template



Date (Date on which letter is written)




Dear Mr. ___________ (Name of the person),

After assessing you performance of last year sales target, management has decided to offer you an increment of ___________ (amount) which will be effective from ___________ (date). This letter serves as your final appraisal and the copy of the same is being sent to the payroll department for further proceedings.

It is a pride for us to have an employee like you who has taken the organization’s success to greater heights. We hope that you will continue to work with the same dedication in the future also. If you have any doubts regarding your increment, please feel free to contact me or visit me personally.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Appraisal Letter

Mr. Sanjeev Soni
Marketing Manager
Date: 11 July 2020
Ram Kumar
Hiring Manager
ABC Limited
                                             Subject: Performance Appraisal Letter

It is a great honor for me to write this appraisal letter to you. Your performance has been really commendable and with sheer hard work and dedication, you have become an asset to the organization.
I proudly mention that company has decided to reward you with a raise in your salary by 15%. The salary breakup will be visible in our Sparsh portal as well, you can download it from there.  From 1st of August, your salary will increase.
We wish you all the best and hope you will continue to work with the same dedication in the future also
All the Best!
Yours Truly,

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