What is Interview Call Letter | Template & Sample Interview Call Letter

When an organization requires employees, then organizations usually conduct interviews to hire people suitable for a job. This proves the use of an interview call letter. An interview call letter is mainly written by an organization to the potential employees, asking them to come for the interview.  This letter offers you with all the required details regarding the interview with the potential employees.

The letter also contains and describes the job for which the person is being interviewed. Since this letter is used for an official purpose, it is written in a formal way. The organization must provide a contact number or an email address so that if a candidate faces difficulty, it will be easier for them to contact the organization and will help them clear their doubts. It is also important for the letter o mention what the candidate must bring along with them to the interview that is their CV, resume, or any other official document.

Interview Call Letter Writing Tips

The letter must contain the proper details about the position for which the interview is being mainly held for:

  • The time, date and location of the interview
  • The letter need include what the candidates must bring to the interview
  • A contact number or an email address must be provided so that the candidates, when faced with any of the challenges, can contact the organization directly.

Interview Call Letter Template



Date- (on the day the letter is written)



Subject:  Interview call letter

Respected Sir,

We, at ABC enterprise were pretty impressed by the application sent in by you. After having a careful reviewing of the application, we have decided to call you for a personal interview to finalise our decision and to tell you more about what we actually do and; would also like to get to know you better.

We are looking to personally meet you for a discussion on ___________ at __________ at the following address: _____________________________________________________________________________

To help us in coordinating with this meeting effectively, we request you to confirm to us your availability for this meeting either by fax or on phone. Our fax no. is ___________ and our board telephone no. is ___________. Kindly ask for Mr. ________ who will be your single point of contact person throughout the process.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the interview. Good luck!


Your name.

Sample Interview Call Letter

Orange Services Pvt Ltd.

12th July 2020

Avi Agarwal,
Springfield Colony,

Subject: Invitation for interview

Dear Avi,

This is regarding a reference to your application, indicating interest in seeking employment with our company. We thank you for the same. We have carefully examined at your application and would like to invite you to interview with our company as soon as possible.

We are very impressed with your application and would like you to interview with us on the 12th of July, 2019 at 11:30 AM. The interview will last for an hour. Please make sure to bring the required documentation along with your application.

If you have any difficulties scheduling an interview, feel free to email me at [email protected]


Anshika Singh
Head of HR Department

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